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About Myself, Lukas Oliver

Lukas Oliver

I am an Australian singer, composer and, for many years, a performer of both Rock music and Ballads.


Besides music I have a keen love of flying, motorcycles and motor sports, whilst producing enterprise computer architectures for a global company.


I have always believed that you should live your life to the fullest, since I almost lost mine at the age of 15.


Wanting to experience as much as I could, I found the world to be full of opportunities if you seek them out, feeling the force of life around you as it were, as part of this awesome universe and always being mindful of the consequences when you've strayed off course.


Lukas on the roadPeople and emotions are at the heart of our existence and whilst music has always provided a means to connect them, the ability of mankind to discover and unite these waves in such a creative way goes a long way towards providing an answer to that all important question ... Why?