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Band Music - "KIZUM Songs from the '80's "

A hand-picked selection of songs from my band days.
Bass/Keys/Vocals - Lukas Oliver;   Guitar - Justin Briggs;   Drums - Chris Potter


All Tracks are available for FREE DOWNLOAD in CD quality MP3

#01.  Always Be One

         (3.56 min) - Download (3.42mb)
#02.  Faces 

         (3.31 min) - Download (3.39mb)

#03.  Fire & Ice 

         (4.01 min) - Download (3.69mb)

#04.  Lady

         (4.53 min) - Download (4.48mb)

#05.  Movin' On

         (3.46 min) - Download (4.36mb)

#06.  One By One

         (4.53 min) - Download (3.60mb)

#07.  Reality

         (4.03 min) - Download (3.71mb)
#08.  Scarabaeus 

         (3.44 min) - Download (6.83mb)

#09.  Skintight 

         (4.07 min) - Download (7.54mb)


Other Projects

#10.  Heatwave

         (4.30 min) - Download (4.13mb)

#11.  Talk 2 Me

         (4.07 min) - Download (3.57mb)


I would like to thank the following for their contributions:
Al Craig (Black Inc Recorders) for audio engineering and production
Dorothy Cooper (Allround Entertainment) for duet vocals and backing tracks
Jayne Oliver for backing tracks
Kirstie Witt for the duet "Say Something"


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WARNING: All rights reserved. This music is not to be sold, resold, or used for profit.